Wander down Lower Wharf of Bude Canal past the lock to the harbour which still used by traditional fishermen. Or visit the cafes, eateries and various workshops housing local artisans you will find along the canal

Canoe hire Bude, Cornwall, south west England

It’s also where you find the Bude Farmers Market on Fridays during the summer months. Offering locally sourced produce such as freshly caught fish and meat.

Fresh Cornish  meat products Bude Farmers Market on the Cornish coast

As well as beers, ciders, cheeses, ice-cream, baked goods and homemade pastries.

Homemade artisan food Bude Farmers Market, Cornwall the south of England

But what I like about this market is the mix between the home cooked artisan food on offer,

Home baked cakes at the Bude Farmers Market Bude Cornwall the south of England

The fresh farm produce,

Local fresh farm produce Bude Farmers Market on the Cornish coast

and the vibrancy of the crafters stalls

Shore Fired artisan pottery at the Bude Farmers Market Cornwall

Hand thrown stoneware by Rebecca Davies of Shore Fired Pottery who uses glazes that are often a bright azure and sometimes a monotone palette just as the natural contrasts that Cornwall brings.

Handicraft Bude Farmers Market Cornwall

Unique pieces in wood from Jatzii Wood, including spoons, chopping boards, beautiful bowls and stunning jewellery.

Dorset Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are making a comeback as people are buying more locally-produced food, drink and fresh produce.

Best farmers markets in the south of England

They are more interested in the provenance of their food, knowing what they’re putting on their plates. Talking to and getting to know the producers they meet.

Fresh farm produce market Dorset on the English South Coast

In Dorset the Farmers Market can be found  in Poundbury & Shaftesbury on the first Saturday in each month, at Bridport the second Saturday, then Sherborne on the third Friday and Wimborne on the Saturday.

Dorset Farmers Market on the South Coast of England

Local farmers, cheese makers, fish stalls, vegetarian food producers, bakers, fruit and veg, as well as artisan craft producers. Stalls manned by the person who has farmed, made or created what is on display.

Fresh fish and seafood in Dorset the English South Coas

A community based venture that started trading in 2004 the Dorset Farmers’ Markets have grown and now looking for new stallholders, to offer an even more diverse range of local produce guaranteed to have been locally sourced.

Farmers Markets

One of the most pleasant markets I have found locally is the Hampshire Farmers Market in Emsworth.

Farmers Market Emswoth Hampshire

A quaint coastal village, Emsworth is a perfect setting with stall holders offering farm fresh fruit and vegetables, artisan bread, cakes bakes and the best scotch eggs on the South Coast.

Artisan bread Emsworth Hampshire

Fresh fish, potted plants and a good selection of wholesome pies, pastries and homemade bakes, cakes and biscuits.

Fresh fish Hampshire Farmers Market

Zest for Taste

Infused oils and vinegars, herb mixes and salad dressings

Pressed oils and vinegars Chichester West Sussex

Over forty oils and vinegars on tap which customers can taste from Zest for Taste.  They also offer all natural freeze-dried herb mixes, tasty sauces and dressings.

Bruschetta mix and sauces Chichester West Sussex

Recipe suggestions, as well as an array of beautiful hand-painted ceramics, kitchen tools and gadgets that can be found at the Drapers Yard in Chichester. A market for small independent retailers, designers, makers, arts and crafts, artisan food, bread and locally roasted coffee.

Drapers Yard Chichester West Sussex

Kay Mawer bought an old pub premises a few years ago to house her haberdashery and ClothKits workshop. She then erected 13 sheds in the defunct pub garden to create a hub for small retail independents to encourage creatives and their talents.

Creating something special.

The Grange

Just exactly what you expect from a local farm shop.

Best farm shops in Chichester West Sussex

Lots of fresh local farm produce.

Fresh farm produce Chichester West Sussex

Bread, cakes, home-made style Cheese, local Chutney pickles & relishes  good selection of local Fruit

Fresh farm fruit Chichester West Sussex

Honey, jam, preserves and home cooked meat pies

Honey, jams and preserves Chichester West Sussex

As well as a colourful selection of plants and seedlings

Pot plants and seedlings Chichester West Sussex

Cowdray Farm Shop

Driving through the rolling South Down hills around Midhurst, its impossible not to notice that the window frames of many of the buildings in the area are pained a bright striking yellow.  Signifying that they are part of the Cowdray Estate.

Cowdray Living Cowdray Park Easebourne

Artisan pork pies

I will admit I know very little about pork pies. I have always enjoyed one now and again but would battle to explain why hand cut pies are preferable to other types of pork pie.

Artisan pork pies

So when confronted by Jakes artisan pork pies at the Hampshire Farmers Market in Emsworth, instead of asking the obvious question, I was intimidated in buying one to try.

Hand-cut artisan pork pies

Which now calls for a visit to the Hornet Ale House to see if I can get a few more.

O’Hagen’s Sausages

When Bill O’Hagen moved to England from South Africa in 1974, the English sausage had earned the dubious distinction of being the bin end of the market. They were stuffed full of rusk and scrap meat to keep costs down and looked as well as tasted the part.

He was a journalist at the time he started making sausages in his garage.

They became so popular with his work colleagues he was persuaded to open a shop, turning the industry on it’s head and ushering in a revival of the proud tradition of the English gourmet sausage.

English artisan sausages

O’Hagan’s fresh artisan sausages do not contain artificial additives or ingredients. Many of their recipes date back as far as the 1800’s when England was renowned for producing the worlds best sausages. Then there are O’Hagan originals inspired by years of passion, commitment and experience.

Gourmet English sausages

Oma Mieme’s farm stall

Farm stalls in the Northern Cape

If you are on the way to the Augrabies Falls or Kgalagadi you won’t go hungry at Oma Miemie’s farm stall, situated in the Main Street of Kenhardt. They offer everything from breakfast to ‘potbrood’, ‘vetkoek’ and milk tart. It is also well stocked with a wide selection of marmalades, jams, jellies and chutneys as well as dried and fresh fruit, vegetables and other fresh farm produce.


Farm stalls in the Overberg
The restaurant at Dassiesfontein offer visitors generous portions of traditional Boerekos accompanied by a beer or a steaming hot cup of koffie. On most Saturdays diners can enjoy a local speciality, curried tripe, and on Sundays they offer a large buffet.